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At Fort Strength, a gym in Langley, we are committed to having fun and helping you build the best you, in our 7000 sq.ft., top of the line facility. We are the home to multiple Crossfit Games athletes, who coach, program and follow our day to day programming. We are equipped with Rogue and Westside Barbell equipment, with 2 Rogue custom-built pull-up rigs (one for classes and one for open gym and personal training), totaling 48ft of double sided rig.  You’ll always have the space you need. Our Westside custom-built equipment is something you won’t find anywhere else, but Westside’s own private gym. From the Mammoth Monolift, Athletic Training Platform, Anterior Chain Developer, Inverse Curl Machine, Dual Reverse Hyper, the H.A.D, Competition Bench Press, to a multitude of specialty bars including a Texas squat, deadlift and power bar, westside safety squat, cambered, mega bow and earthquake bar, Eleiko Olympic bars, Rogue men’s,  ladies,  junior, training, Swiss, trap and axle bars. We have competition calibrated Rogue steel plates, chains, and multiple bands to use for whatever you need.

Our huge cardio section includes Assault Runners and Airbikes, Concept 2 Ski Ergs, Bike Ergs and Row Ergs.  And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the small stuff that makes a huge difference, like our blue and pink Rogue Cerakote barbells with matching OSO collars to keep the coloured bumper plates in place.  We have kettlebells and dumbbells up to 150lbs, a variety of sleds and yoke to use on our 70x12ft indoor turf, and a designated recovery/rollout section with all the rollers and recovery tools. All of this includes unmatched programming for CrossFit, extra cardio weekly, and conjugate programming for powerlifting.

Fort Strength is an athletes dream facility, whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete.  It’s something you won’t find anywhere else in BC. Our coaches are multiple time CrossFit Games athletes and National Powerlifters and Olympic Weightlifters with the passion and desire to help you build yourself.  Come in and see this fort, YOUR FORT, and enjoy playing with all its toys. You will want to pinch yourself!!


A place to get away, be yourself, build and move in any way you want



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