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Fort Strength Programs



At Fort Strength, home of Fort to Fort Crossfit in Langley, we pride ourselves in staying true to the roots of crossfit in ALL of our classes. “Constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains”. Whether you strive to be a competitive athlete or a recreational crossfitter, our crossfit classes are for everyone. With RX and Firebreather options, or scaled appropriately, our programming is designed to be beneficial and fun for everyone.


Our Fundamentals program is mandatory for anybody wanting to join the crossfit classes. It is a 10-session personal training package, including a free initial assessment, where you will learn the fundamental movements, lifts, and structure of crossfit. We believe in teaching everyone full warm-ups, activations, techniques, and progressions, ahead of turning them loose into a class before they are ready. The 10 sessions properly covers everything you need to know to feel confident and safe, moving into classes. They may be scheduled as 1-on-1, or small group sessions with an appropriate coach.



Our powerlifting area consists of the full westside equipment line-up including a Monolift, Athletic Training Platform, Dual Pendulum Reverse Hyper, Anterior Chain Developer, Inverse Curl, Hip Ab Developer, and a multitude of specialty bars and calibrated weights. We are the only fully equipped powerlifting and crossfit facility in all of BC. Our powerlifting area is open during all open hours, even during crossfit class times and your membership includes conjugate programming.

Open Gym

Open gym is available for anyone who has their own programming to do, or anybody who wants to come in outside of class times to do their training. It is available during all open hours, even during class times. We have a rig designated for open gym and personal training clients specifically, so you’ll never be without a spot. There will always be a coach on hand to assist, spot, or help you, or if you have any questions. Open gym also includes powerlifting and the conjugate programming.


Personal Training

Hire one of our coaches to help you attain your fitness goals. We have a designated rig and equipment for personal training clients specifically, so you never have to worry about finding room when there’s a class going on. We offer 1-on-1, 2-on-1, 3-on-1, and small group training. So by yourself, or with a friend or two, our trainers want to work with you. Please email to book session.

Team Training

Looking for sport specific training for your team? Our coaches are experienced in a variety of sports and fitness methods to give you and your team the best possible strength training and conditioning to prepare you for your game season. Let us help you be the best possible team, by training like a team, even in the off-season. Please email to book session.


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is available through FYT Nutrition, and is discounted for FORT members. Book a free 30-minute consultation with our in-house nutritionist to get started. Nutrition is a major key to your success and how your perform in and out of the gym, and it can benefit you greatly by dialing in what works for your body specifically. Reach your own personal goals by including nutrition into your training plan. Please email to book session.

Kids Fit

Our kids-fit program at Fort Strength is designed to be a fun atmosphere to help 8-11-year-olds develop general physical fitness, skills and teamwork. Strength and conditioning, along with developing proper technique and movement patterns will set them up for a future in CrossFit, or any specific sport ambition. Our high-energy and exciting class will help them build confidence, awareness and self-esteem for anything they do. Come and try a class and see for yourself.

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